• Intermodal System - East/West Bound
    Intermodal System - East/West Bound
    Samar can help you eliminate border boundary
  • Air Freight Expert (Import / Export)
    Air Freight Expert (Import / Export)
    Samar can assist your air cargo in a timely manner!


We are well versed in working with all government departments relating to the release of foreign and domestic goods. Our release staff has a strong knowledge of the regulations of Canada Border Services Agency as well as Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Transport Canada, National Resources Canada and Foreign Affairs International trade. Our accountants are experts in dealing with the Canadian Revenue Agency. We are well equipped to answer any questions and concerns or resolve any issues that may arise in dealing with such departments.

In order to offer you the best service possible to fit your importing needs, please send us an email at infor@samar-log.com or give us a call at 604-408-8961